Spending the 4th of July on Your Boat

Knowing that the Fourth of July is one of the most popular boating days of the year gives you the opportunity to prepare ahead of time. Warm water and hot summer sun pair up to bring families to the water. The promise of pyrotechnics even calls reluctant boaters to make plans with family and friends. Fireworks are breathtaking when viewed from a coveted spot on the water. Prevent stress and maximize fun by planning for the what-ifs.

Pack for the Unexpected

Pack as though you’ll be on the water for twice as long as you plan. No one wants to run low on food and icy cold beverages, but don’t forget sunscreen and insect repellent to keep everyone comfortable on the open water. Make sure you fully stock personal items and toiletries to avoid awkward situations. It is better to have an extra change of clothes and not need them than to have to ride home wet after taking an unexpected dip.

Learn the Lay of the “Land”

Unless you regularly spend numerous hours on the water where you plan to spend your Fourth of July holiday, it is wise to explore the area ahead of time. Figure out the best spots to anchor up with the help of a nautical chart. Avoid areas with shipping or commercial vessel traffic that could put a damper on festivities.

Plan for the Crowds

People love watching fireworks over the water, so expect large crowds. Early boaters get the prime spots for viewing firework displays and anchoring up securely. Save yourself the stress of competing for limited space by starting out early and making a day of it. If you plan to head to a nearby marina, call ahead to make reservations.

Boating and the Fourth of July go together like peanut butter and jelly. Whether you hope to bond with family and friends or you just want to escape the monotony of daily life, hop on your boat and rekindle your love of the open water.


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