Five Tips for Properly Storing Your Boat

Whether you store your boat at a local marina, at your private dock on a lift, or on a trailer taking proper steps before storing it will maintain its value and assure that it is ready to go when you are. The following five tips will help get you organized.

  1. Take it for one Last Spin

This will give you the pleasure of that last cruise and an opportunity to check your boat out, from stem to stern

  1. Swab the Decks, Clean the Hull and Down Below

Now that you have your boat hauled out, wash the decks and hull to remove dirt and salt residue. Clean any slime or barnacles from the hull. If it needs anti-fouling, now’s the time for a coat or two. Clean water strainers and open seacocks to drain any water from the bilge. Take this opportunity to clean below decks, too.

  1. Wax and Cover your Boat

Now that it is clean, a coat of wax and cover will protect your boat from the elements until your return. Annual maintenance of your boats exterior surfaces along with keeping it clean after use will keep the hull and topsides bright and shiny for years to come.

  1. Add Fuel Stabilizer

To protect your boat’s engine, while storing, fill the tanks with fuel and add a fuel stabilizer to prevent condensation from building up in your fuel tanks and on the internal parts of the engine.

  1. Repair What’s Broken

Now that you have been over your boat from anchor nest on its bow to the stern edge of its Sealift swim platform, you may have found items that need repair. Now is the time to get it done so that your boat is ready to go when you take it from storage.

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