Getting Your Boat Ready for Fall

Even though Fall in Florida is mild, preparing your boat for colder weather will ensure that your engines run optimally while on the water. Even though you may not store your boat for the winter, taking the same precautions will add value to your boat and you will know it is ready when the fish are running.

Change Engine Oil & Filters

The oil in your diesel or gas, marine engine, needs to be changed every 50 – 100 hours. Fall and spring are a good time to perform this maintenance task, or more frequently if you use your boat more often.

Fog Engine with Rust Preventative

The engine of your boat or personal watercraft should be fogged with a rust preventative to protect internal and exterior parts of your engine from corrosion.

Add Fuel Stabilizer to Fuel Tanks

Fill your boat’s tanks, to capacity, and then add fuel stabilizer to prevent condensation in your fuel system.

Grease Fittings

You never think about grease until a corroded part fails. While getting your boat ready for fall apply anti-corrosive grease to all metal parts including steering cables and fittings, shift and throttle linkages, and the hydraulic system of your Sealift hydraulic lift, or swim platform.

Drain Water System/Winterize

If you are leaving your boat for any length of time, it is best for you to drain the water tanks, empty the holding tank, and winterize the plumbing with non-toxic anti-freeze. Even though Cocoa Beach has mild winters, the temperatures fall low enough, at times, to damage your boats plumbing system.

Inspect Your Safety Equipment

You may use your boat less in the fall but safety equipment is as important as ever. Check your life-jackets, electronics, VHF radio, and other safety equipment to ensure that it is in good condition.

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