All About Maintaining Your Hydraulic Lift

Unlike standard lifts that require four cylinders, our hydraulic lift only requires one cylinder which means it needs less maintenance. However, any lifting mechanism that can regularly lift up to 1,200 lbs goes through a normal wear and tear lifecycle.

Grease Your Lift

When your power lift isn’t working, you can recognize it right away thanks to the friction from the lowering and raising of the motor. Depending on how much you use your boat, you’ll want to make sure you grease the zerk fittings all around the lift including the upper beams, gearbox, and all four corners of the cradle. If you use the boat once in a while, greasing once a year will be okay but if you are using it on a regular basis, you’ll want to apply grease far more often since you’ll be washing the lift and wiping away the grease more regularly. A good automotive grease is good for typical wear and tear but you’ll want to use a marine grease for saltwater environments that can be harsh on metal.

Inspect the Trim Rams for Leaks

If you hear the electric motor running but your lift starts to tilt down or remains stationary and doesn’t tilt, chances are you might have a hydraulic fluid leak. Hydraulic fluid is extremely low in viscosity, making it very easy to leak out of the lift system. When this happens, you can replace the fluid with a non-foaming, pressure resistant trim fluid and raise the motor up by hand and lock it with a motor safety clip to make sure the fluid is added at an even level. This, however, is a short-term strategy to a fluid leak and you’ll want to get a certified mechanic to fix the leak.

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