Safety Features Every Boat Needs

Whether you just bought your first boat or are upgrading to the latest 30-foot yacht, you’ll want to make sure that your vessel is equipped with all the safety equipment required by law so you and your friends can enjoy your days on the water in comfort and confidence.  If you cruise the coast, make sure you are aware of both federal and state regulations as they change from one harbor to the next.

Flotation Devices

For every person on board, you are required to have a life vest or jacket. Children under the age of 6 must wear them at all times when underway, so ensure you have ones that are sized appropriately for all your family members. For any boat larger than 16 feet, you must also have at least one Type IV throwable ring. If you travel to other states, they may require everybody on board to be wearing their devices when underway.

Distress Signals and Bells

You’ll need a whistle that cuts through engine noise and the roar of other sounds.  You can opt for a simple design or an electronic one, but be aware that the old fashioned versions won’t fail due to water corrosion.  If your boat is over 65 feet, you will also need a bell that can be heard at least one nautical mile away. Also, ensure you have a flair gun and flashlights able to signal on board. Units constructed to withstand extreme conditions are recommended so they are ready when you need them most.

Fire Suppression and Proper Ventilation

Your kitchen and engine areas will need at least one B-1 fire extinguisher.  The larger your boat, the more extinguishers you will need. Your engine must also have a spark-arrester for all inboard designs.

For more information and options about safety equipment for your boat, stop by Sea Lift or visit our website for a complete catalog of all our products.

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