Tips for Keeping Your Boat in Pristine Condition

The gleaming bright work of a yacht and the shine of its hull let you know when a boat owner loves their boat. Keeping your boat in pristine condition will help you maintain the value of your boat. It also will ensure that it will be ready for a cruise when you are. The constant assault of salt water, wind, and marine life can cause your boat to age quickly unless you have a maintenance plan that stays on top of the situation. Whether you boat is a Sea Ray 19, or a Hinckley 48, it needs to be cleaned on a regular basis.

Wash it Down

Whether the decks of your boat are fiberglass or teak, they need to be cleaned regularly, including the scuppers, and cabin top, and flybridge. A mild soapy solution and a soft brush should remove any dirt. When cleaning, continue down the sides of your boat and then rinse everything, well. Brightwork should be polished with a soft cloth when you have finished washing your boat.

Clean the Cockpit and Cabin

The cockpit of your boat is like the porch of your home, is where everyone enters your boat and where you haul in the days catch. It needs to be cleaned when cleaning the top sides and hull of your boat. If you have live bait wells, be sure to drain and clean them every time they are used or you may come back to a boat that smells like a local shrimper, instead of a clean, pristine boat.

Keep it Orderly

Keeping everything in its place is imperative on a boat because space is limited. An orderly boat is also easier to clean and keep clean. The addition of a Sealift swim platform or lift will add space to your boat, and give you a place to store your dinghy or PWC. This addition will help keep your boat tidy and in pristine condition.

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