All about Cradle Lifts

We have designed our cradle lifts to store your dinghy or personal watercraft aboard your yacht, and  Sealift cradle lifts make loading and unloading more straightforward than using davits. When stowed out of the way at the stern, your dinghy will be out of the way and will not be taking up deck space.

One Cylinder for Lower Cost

Most cradle lifts use four hydraulic cylinders to raise and lower their lifts. SeaLift Cradle Lifts use only one, so the unit is lighter and less costly to maintain than the competitor’s models. Depending on your boat, the Cradle Lift has a capacity of up to 1,000 pounds. This capability will give you the option to carry larger dinghies and Jet Skis.

Push Button Launching and Loading

With a SeaLift Cradle Lift, you will no longer need to wrestle with winches and cables to move your dinghy. With the touch of a button, you can lower your dink into the water and motor away.

SeaLift Hydraulic Watercraft Lifts are better by Design

As the first company to develop a cradle engineered to fit the transom of your boat, without shims, and other contrivances to make it work, SeaLift Cradle Lifts look like original equipment.

Cradle Lifts Built to Last

We have made thousands of Cradle Lifts, and the first that SeaLift ever put into service is still out there doing its job. Constructed of quality material, designed for low maintenance, a SeaLift Cradle Lift is the perfect addition to your yacht if you wish to carry a dinghy with you on your watery adventures.

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