Why You Need a Pop-Up Chock

Investing in a boat, whether it’s a very simple and small bass boat or a yacht worth millions of dollars, means investing in the right equipment to make the most of it. A pop-up chock is a basic piece of boat equipment that allows you to carry personal watercraft and other smaller vessels right on your lift or swim platform. By choosing a pop-up chock instead of the fixed chocks usually used for this task, you’re saving space and making it easier to use the entire boat.

The Pop-Up Advantage

There are plenty of chocks that bolt to the surface of a boat’s platform or lift, and they may work just fine for boat owners who are rarely out on the water. However, these fixed chocks represent a serious trip hazard, making it necessary to stay away from the area where you carry personal watercraft even when you’re not bringing along any other equipment. When you’re installing the chocks on a swim platform, that means you’re losing valuable space and making it harder to enjoy the platform like it was intended.

Pop-up chocks are designed to fold down into the surface of the boat and leave no protrusions or trip hazards behind. You can pop up the chocks, go for a spin around the lake with your personal water craft, unload the craft and hide the chocks in just a few minutes so that you can use the same area for seating with no other modifications.

Chocks Features

Don’t forget about protecting your favorite personal watercraft from damage as well when shopping for chocks. The best pop-up models feature a V-shaped rest so that vehicles of all sizes and shapes are gently cradled to prevent bumping or sliding as you move across the water at full speed. Since pop-up chocks fold into the floor or deck surface, they conform to any angle you need to accommodate your personal craft.

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