Getting the Most out of Your Swim Platform

A swim platform does not only add to the safety of your swimming experience but affords you the opportunity to customize your boat.

If you own a boat, it is definite that you love the outdoors and appreciate a good time above water. A swim platform could elevate your boating experience; here’s how to make the best out of your swim platform.

Swim platform components

To make the most out of your swim platform, you need to identify the best possible swim platform that is compatible with your boat. Then, have it installed and customized to meet your specific needs.

Whether you opt for a factory option or an add-on model from aftermarket additions, they are all made of fiberglass and last long. The durability of the fiberglass material allows you to add various options to your swim platform including boarding handles, drink holders, swim ladders and lighting accessories.

SeaLift Swim platform is a world-class solution with a proven standard of quality and a perfect match for various boat models including, Grand Banks Yacht, Sea Ray Boats, Hinckley, and Lazzara Yacht.

Swim platform installation

SeaLift swim platform and its pop-up chocks offer great flexibility for turning your boat into a multifunctional vessel. With the SeaLift Swim platform, you will enjoy custom installation to meet your specific preferences at a cost-friendly price.

The installation will create room for excellent footing ground and ladders for easy access to the docks. It will be fun to enter and exit the dock, water play and place your refreshments on the side when you are on the deck.  As a result, you will have ample space to stretch, dive and hang out with a firm ground that is up to engineering standards with no risk of falling overboard.

If you want to more fun with your swim platform, a swim platform installation from SeaLift is all you need. Contact us now for more information.

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