Making the Most of Your Swim Platform

Whether installed as an option on your new boat or as an addition to your current boat, a swim-platform offers easy access to your tender or as a launching pad for the perfect dive. Not all swim platforms are made alike and those from Sealift are designed to complement your new Hinckley Yacht, Grand Banks Yacht, Sea Ray, MJM, or Lazzara Yacht, as an option.

Your current boat will be enhanced with a custom swim platform that conforms to its lines and drops into the water at the push of the button. Boarding from the stern, as a tender dock, and a place to land your next Marlin, a swim platform is a multi-functional addition to any boat.

Swim Platforms Customized for Your Boat

The addition of non-skid, hide away cleats, and engineered designs that compliment your yacht are benefits of Sealift platforms that will add to your pleasure of their use. Whether you use your swim platform as easier access to your boat, as a place to sunbathe, or as a place to sit and cool your feet, you can make the most of your swim platform by first having the right one for your cruiser, trawler, or motor launch.

Every addition that one makes to their boat adds a maintenance issue, including powered swim platforms. Sealift swim platforms are designed to operate with a single or dual piston, hydraulic lift system, two to three fewer pistons, than the competition. Fewer parts mean less maintenance, less weight, and less costly repair, in the event of a failure.

A ladder can get you aboard your boat, but a swim platform makes access easier and gives you more room to play while on the water.

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