Swim Platforms and Safety

Entering or exiting your boat over the rail can be a challenge on larger yachts. Whether boarding your boat from the dock, or the water, a swim platform adds a level of safety for all aboard. Boat ladders are fine for smaller craft but large boats can have a freeboard that extends several feet above the water, making boarding difficult, especially in a rough seaway.

Ease of Access

If you have been around boats for very long, you will find yourself or someone else in the drink because they have fallen overboard. Whether you are at the dock or on the water, getting back on board can be a challenge. A Sealift swim platform sits at or right above the waterline and making your boat more accessible while keeping boarders well away from your boat propellers.

Boarding from some docks can be a challenge due to the height of your boat and rise and lowering tides. Access to your boat is simplified when you can step to the swim platform and enter from the stern. The easier the access to your boat the less likely someone will end up overboard and if they do, your swim platform will make it easier to get them on board your boat.

Boarding your boat from a yacht tender of personal watercraft is easier with a swim platform. Sealift hydraulic swim platforms make boarding safer and will give you a place to lash your dinghy or PWC. All Sealift swim platforms are fitted with pop-up chocks and cleats. These leave swim platforms uncluttered for access and water play while giving you an alternate way to store your dink.

Man Overboard!

Water temperatures in Florida can fall low enough to cause hypothermia, during our winter months, if you are in the water very long. A swim platform can help shorten this time and will make boarding easier than climbing a ladder, especially if you are tired and cold.

Swim Platforms add Safety to your Boat

The addition of a swim platform will make your boat safer, easier to access, give you space for tender storage, and place from which to play in the sun. Check what we have to offer at Sealift hydraulic lifts and let us make your boat safer.


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