The Basics of Pop-Up Chocks

If you’ve been researching hydraulic swim platforms and boat lifts then you’ve probably come across the term ‘pop-up chocks’. Pop-up chocks are an add-on to hydraulic lifts that leave a boat’s deck clear for use as they rest inside the boat’s platform until needed to pull up and store the boat’s tender or other personal watercraft.

The Basics of How Pop-Up Chocks Work

Pop-up chocks work very similarly to how their name sounds, they sort of ‘pop-up’ when you are ready to use them to store or transport personal watercraft and then slide away when you’d rather enjoy the deck space. They are the exclusive design of Sealift and are thus designed to fit as part of the company’s hydraulic lift design.

The advantage of this addition to a boat’s hydraulic lift is twofold. First, it makes hoisting up and storing your dingy, tender, or other personal watercraft (such as a Jetski) so much easier than davits or similar devices. Each of Sealfit’s chocks measures 31 inches by 4.5 inches and are manufactured using materials that will weather all types of sea condition, including saltwater usage. They likewise are a part of a hydraulic Sealift system that can handle watercraft weights of up to 2,500 pounds, making them the ideal solution for boat owners who have larger tenders they need hauling up and storing.

Contact Us to Learn More

For more information about Sealift Pop-up chocks and other aspects of their incredible hydraulic lift system, contact us today. With pop-up chocks and their paired pop-up cleats, there simply is no better hydraulic lift on the system when it comes to large boats. You’ll find these options integrated on Sea Ray, Hinckley, Grand Banks, and Lazzara yachts as well as a number of other high-performance brands.

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