Water Safety Awareness Month

As the weather begins to warm up, crowds are getting ready to go to the beach and public pools are making preparations to open. The National Water Safety Awareness Month is an ideal time to make sure that you and your loved ones prepare to spend a safe and fun day by the waters. If you are planning to cruise using a boat, there are some essentials you should get from Sealift that can improve your experience and keep you safer while boating. They include:

Pop up chocks

SeaLifts pop up chocks can be installed on your boat in order to hold your watercraft or any kind of small vessels. They help you have a lift for your watercraft as well as the swimming platform. This feature lets you and your family maximize your enjoyment. When in a retracted position, chocks will leave the swimming platform smooth and you will not worry about tripping.

Swim Platform

Swim platforms from SeaLift are designed to extend the back of your boat. You can also lower it into the water if need be. In case the swim platform has pop up chocks, you can stow a dingy or your watercraft. Since boats vary in shapes, sizes, and textures, SeaLift customizes each swim platform to suit the needs of every customer.


SeaLift provides numerous kinds of lifts depending on your needs. A cradle lift will do all the heavy lifting on your behalf in case you need to lower the dingy into the water. This lift holds a personal watercraft so that it does not use up your deck space. You can also use it to hold your Waverunner or Jet Ski in place. Hydraulic lifts are also provided. It helps you save the energy and time and provides additional space on your boat.

By getting these essentials, you will have a better experience and keep your loved ones safe in the waters during this Water Awareness Safety Month and beyond. Contact SeaLift for more information.

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