Cradle Lifts vs. Hydraulic Lifts

People looking for boat lifts have long faced a difficult choice between cradle lifts and hydraulic lifts. Each of these options has their pros and cons. Hydraulic lifts, for example, require more maintenance to function optimally. Cradle lifts, however, cannot lift quite as much as hydraulic lifts. One final aspect of the purchasing decision is price. Cradle lifts are usually significantly cheaper than hydraulic lifts, so people on a budget may want to keep that in mind.

Hydraulic Lifts Require More Maintenance

One of the deciding factors for many people who choose hydraulic lifts over cradle lifts is the amount of maintenance required by the hydraulic machines. The exact amount of maintenance required by a hydraulic lift varies from model to model, but it is considerably more on average than the maintenance necessary for cradle lifts. Also, you should keep in mind that this work is quite expensive.

Cradle Lifts Cannot Lift as Much as Hydraulic Lifts

Another important factor to consider when deciding between cradle lifts and hydraulic lifts is the reduced weight capacity of cradle lifts. They can lift 20% less on average than hydraulic lifts. If you have heavy jet skis or other personal watercraft, a cradle lift may not be strong enough to lift them.

Cradle Lifts are Cheaper

It is also important to not that cradle lifts are significantly cheaper than hydraulic lifts. Again, exactly how much cheaper depends on which lifts you are comparing. However, it can be as much as 25% less expensive to purchase a cradle lift.

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