One Cylinder vs. Two Cylinder Platform Lifts

A properly designed stern platform accents the lines of your boat, adding a large area of usable space from which you can store your tender, land the big one, or bask in the sun. A platform with a lift system that hydraulically raises and lowers, at the push of a button, adds to its usability. At Sealift, our platform lifts are one and two cylinder designs that are lighter than and as strong as comparative four cylinder units are.

Sealift One Cylinder Platform Lifts

As with any appendage, you add to your Hinckley, Sea Ray, Grand Banks, or Carver boat, you are adding weight and maintenance cost. Using one hydraulic cylinder and two hoses, this design can be fitted to boats of 35 to 70 feet. With a weight capacity of up to 2,500 pounds, you will be able to carry larger tenders and personal watercraft.

Two Cylinder Platform Lifts

Designed for yachts of 70 feet and above, the Sealift two cylinder platform lift has a weight capacity of 2,000 pounds. With the wider beam of larger yachts, this model gives you the option of carrying tenders and PWC’s of longer length. You will have the same ease of launching and loading with a Sealift two-cylinder platform lift as with a one-cylinder unit. By limiting the number of hydraulic pistons used to raise and lower our platforms, we reduce weight and maintenance costs.

Do you see the Difference?

The biggest difference in a Sealift platform of one or two cylinders has more to do with the size of your boat than how they perform. Both are designed to keep working parts out of the water and are easy to maintain. All Sealift platform lifts can be used to store your tender because they come with standard pop-up chocks that fit the V-hull of your tender or PWC making launching these auxiliary crafts from the stern of your Hinckley, or another fine boat, easier than ever.

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