The Purpose of Pop-up Chocks

Pop-up chocks leave the deck clear for use as a mini-dock for your yacht; once you float your dinghy and are, adjustable so they will snuggly fit the bottom of most tenders and PWC’s. Used on hydraulic boat lifts, pop-up chocks rest inside the platform until needed for storage of your tender or personal watercraft (PWC).

Flush to the deck when not being used, and there when needed to store your auxiliry transportation. A clever solution to fixed boat chocks they make your boatlift or swim-platform more versatile than it already is.

How Pop-Up Chocks Work

Sealift Pop-Up chocks are recessed into all of our hydraulic lifts, pop-up when ready for use, and are our exclusive design. Chock angles adjust from zero degrees when flush to the deck, to about 30 degrees when extended, so they will accommodate the hull configurations of different styled dinks and PWC’s. Each chock is 31 inches wide by 4.5 inches wide and built from materials that will weather the oceans of the world.

An additional benefit of a Sealift hydraulic lift is pop-up cleats. They give you plenty of tie downs for your tender, PWC, or bait bucket, and make it easy to clear the deck, when not in use. Pop-up chocks combined with pop-up cleats make Sealift hydraulic lifts the best on the market. Sealift platform lifts and swim platforms are offered as an option on Sea Ray, Grand Banks, Lazzara, Hinckley and MJM, yachts.

Make Boating Life Easier with Sealift

A standard feature on Sealift hydraulic platforms or an addition to the boat lift of your current yacht, pop-up chocks makes storing your PWC or dinghy, much easier than using davits. Our line of lifts includes one and two-cylinder designs for ease of maintenance and cost over the competitor’s four-cylinder lift systems. Single cylinder Sealift systems can handle weights to 2,500 pounds, giving you the ability to carry larger PWC and tenders and pop-chocks add to this ability.  


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