Yachting Trends 2018

As we go forward into 2018, some trends from the previous year will carry over. Manufacturers continue a trend toward vessels built with ever-lighter materials, which has led to designs that are more economical to operate. Coupling that lighter weight with innovative power plants, like Yanmar IPS drives, give your MJM 50z and other fine yachts more hours per gallon of cruise time.

Own a Private Beach

The concept of a personal beach offered on the stern of mega-yachts, in the form of platform lifts, has filtered down to smaller vessels. A lauded feature on any yacht, hydraulic swim platforms that do double duty as a personal beach, or dinghy dock, adds a utilitarian aspect to what was once deemed an odd fitting appendage that hung from the fantail.

Accessories that Reduce the Weight of your Yacht

Just as boat designers have lowered the weight of their creations accessories are being designed that follow this philosophy. Power lifts of the past have been heavy and can use up to four cylinders to operate. Sealift hydraulic watercraft lifts use one to two hydraulic cylinders to raise and lower their lifts. This means less weight and lower maintenance costs. Sealift platforms have built-in pop-up chocks that allow you to store your dink or personal watercraft, on yachts large enough to accommodate their installation.

Increased Sales for 2018

The economy is soaring and dealers expect to make more sales in 2018. Are you ready for a new yacht? If so, you can add a Sealift platform, as an option, to your new Sea Ray, Grand Banks, GB Eastbay, MJM 50z, or your fine yacht from The Hinckley Company. We can also custom build a lift to fit the lines of your vessel so that you too, can own a private beach.

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