3 Tips for a Proper Spring Boating Checklist

The official first day of spring may still be a month away, but here in the South, we are blessed to already be enjoying that warmer weather. And what better way to celebrate the turn of seasons than to flip off the boat cover and take the powerboat and the family out for a sunny day on the water? Just make sure you’re ready by following these three tips for spring boating:

3 Tips for a Proper Spring Boating Checklist

  1. Check the electrical system. Go through your boat and inspect every electrical connection to ensure they are clean, properly tightened, and are free of corrosion. Any terminals that are corroded should be removed and the area wire brushed clean. Additionally, check to ensure the battery is properly charged and can hold a proper charge and that the navigation lights and other electronics are likewise properly working.
  2. Check your safety gear. Every year you should do a full check of all the safety equipment on your boat. Note that personal flotation devices can ‘expire’ in the sense that they are less effective if torn, worn out, or rotten. Inspect your life jackets and replace any that aren’t in top conditions. Likewise, make sure you have a correctly sized PFD for each member of your family and regular boating friends. If you regularly go offshore, consider adding an EPIRB device to your list of safety gear if you haven’t already.
  3. Change the gas. If you’ve left your boat longer than two weeks, then it’s a good idea to clear out the old gas and put in new fuel before taking your boat out for an extended trip. Additionally, change the engine oil, oil filter, and drive lubricants.

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