Best Florida Lakes For Boating This Summer

Inland boating can provide exceptional experiences. There are so many lakes to explore, especially if you have a personal watercraft life or a hydraulic swim platform. The options are many.

In Florida, there are many lakes to choose from, but we believe these are the best:

Sante Fe Lake:

When you are looking for a calmer situation than the ocean, this 6,000 sq. ft. spring fed lake is the perfect option. The lake also offers options for hiking and fishing, as well as water activities. If you have a hydraulic swim platform on your boat, you’ll be set for an afternoon of sun and fun. When you are done with water activities, explore the forest area around the lake and search for a glimpse of the wildlife in the area.

Lochloosa Lake:

Just outside of Gainsville, lake Lochloosa offers great fishing opportunities and water fun. Surrounding the lake are areas with trees, wildlife, and the opportunity to get close to nature. It’s a chance to enjoy the wilderness without wandering too far from home. While on the lake, enjoy your personal watercraft, but keep it neatly pristine and stowed with a personal watercraft lift to protect the natural habitat when not in use.

Lake Rosalie:

People enjoy Lake Rosalie for fishing but more often they find it perfect for watercraft and watersports. Many visitors enjoy skiing or personal watercraft. Also, there are campgrounds conveniently located nearby. Unique features to look out for are osprey hunting nearby and alligators.

There are many places to enjoy your boat and watercraft this summer in Florida. Whether on a lake or the ocean, make sure your craft is neatly stowed away from outside factors that can damage it. With a SeaLift or hydraulic boat lift, you’ll always have your gear when you need it.

Ready for any lake day Florida throws your way? Contact us today to get an even better boating experience on the lake this summer!

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