Best Ways to Transport Your Jet Ski By Land and By Water

Congratulations on your new jet ski addition! Jet skis are a fantastic personal watercraft that enable users to zip and skim across the water and access many water avenues that are inaccessible by larger boats with deeper drafts. However, one important thing to think about before you bring your jet ski home is how you’re going to transport your jet ski home and how you’re going to transport it after you do. The following is a quick look at how to do so both by land and by water.

Best Ways to Transport Your Jet Ski By Land and By Water

By Land

One of the most frequently asked questions marine dealerships get when it comes to selling jet skis is whether or not a model, any model, comes with a trailer. The short answer is no. When researching jet skis, it’s a good idea to simultaneously be looking at trailers. Unless you’ve happened on an exciting giveaway sale that offers the two together, you will almost always have to buy a trailer separately from your jet ski.

So what kind of trailer? In general, we recommend looking for aluminum trailers. While aluminum-built trailers tend to be more expensive upfront, they offer significant value over time. They are extremely lightweight (especially compared to the more traditional steel trailers) and are less susceptible to corrosion and rusting. This latter aspect makes them a preferred option for jet ski owners who plan on taking their new machines out in brackish and saltwater like the Gulf or Intracoastal. Furthermore, aluminum trailers typically boast I-beam materials that allow owners to hide wiring and brake lines as they can be run within the beam itself instead of having to be attached on the outside.

For those looking for the best in aluminum personal watercraft trailers, consider the Triton brand.

By Water

If you have a larger boat and are looking for a method of carrying your jet ski when going out into deeper waters, or even simply for ease of storage while in the slip, then you likewise have a lot of options available to you. Hydraulic and platform lifts continue to be the most popular method of raising and keeping a personal watercraft the size of a jet ski aboard a boat. However, arguably the best way now available to transport a jet ski by water is the Cradle Lift.

The Cradle Lift is a specially designed transom addition engineered by SeaLift. The Cradle Lift utilizes one hydraulic cylinder and two hoses to securely and smoothly lift up a jet ski above and over the transom of a given boat and lower it down into the water. Its unique design means no shims, adapter brackets, or other additional fiberglass modifications. This equipment is rated to safely lift and lower personal watercraft weight up to 1,000 pounds — which is more than enough for jet ski owners given the average jet ski weighs about 800 pounds. Furthermore, it’s easily operated by a wireless remote system so that anyone can operate the equipment with just a touch of the button.

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