Preparing Your Boat For Hurricane Season

Preparing for hurricane season takes some time and effort. When it comes to your boat and personal watercraft, it’s best to have a written plan before any event occurs so that you have options when minutes matter.

Stocking Up Your Boat With The Essentials

For any event, a well-stocked supply kit is essential. You’ll want to include duct tape, plugs, extra lines, and fenders. The other steps you need to take is to maintain the appropriate insurance for your boat type and lifestyle. These documents should be stored away from the boat in a safe location. It’s also a good idea to photograph everything that you can, should a storm occur and the boat gets damaged. This will allow you to document everything including the condition of items, such as your SeaLift swim platform.

Storing Your Boat For Hurricane Season

When a storm is approaching, the safest place for the boat is in dry storage. If the boat can be trailered and driven to higher ground, this is a going to be your best bet in keeping it safe. If this is not possible, the next best option is a marina with floating docks that have high pylons. This, plus additional securing to large objects, will allow the boat to better survive the storm surges that are associated with hurricanes. The next step is to remove any sails and objects that can create drag. This includes possibly the tender life or personal watercraft lift. Personal watercraft should be stored safely away from the boat during the storm to prevent damage. Any personal items or paperwork should be removed from the boat before finally securing it for the storm. If the boat is moored on an island, definitely move it to the leeward side before securing it.

Hurricanes can cause remarkable damage, especially to boats and coastal communities. Taking the necessary precautions and planning ahead will make recovery from a storm that much easier.

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