Tips for Cleaning Your Hydraulic Lift

Since at least 6,000 B.C., humans have been harnessing hydraulic power for productive purposes. Contemporary boats utilize hydraulic systems too. These systems use oil, pressurized by a pump, in a closed system. The system earns its keep when a motor or any other hydraulic appliance is added to the system. For something so important to the optimal performance of your boat or yacht, you require the right tips to keep the hydraulic lift of your boat clean. Some are;

Check the Oil

Different boats may have different hydraulic systems for powering appliances throughout the boat. However, the oil must be checked for all of them. This cleaning procedure is the most basic. Ensure that the hydraulic system is always filled with oil. The oil levels should not drop unless there is a leak. In a properly maintained system, leaks are rare. A peek at the sight glass is enough to check the oil levels. Leaks usually result in appliances not working with the migration of the leaked oil into the bilge. The hydraulic system manual contains instructions on how to change the oil.

Take a Sample

Hydraulic oil samples of a hydraulic lift should be taken and tested annually or semi-annually. The color of the sample with a darker color means more contamination. The contamination mostly arises from water, dirt or metal particles from the wearing out of the hydraulic pump. The analysis through an expert may recommend an oil change.

Remember the Cooling System

Keeping tabs on the cooling system will aid in keeping your boat in optimal conditions. The temperature check should be done regularly. Be on time to change the raw-water impellers, keep tabs on the zincs at least monthly, and make sure the strainer is clean. Professionals should be hired in complex situations involving the cooling system.

Rinse the Cable

The cable required to lift a boat is a heavy duty cable. Saltwater contributes to the abrasion of heavy duty cables. Therefore, ensure that cables are rinsed after every use. This prevents abrasion, damage, and breaking.

Hydraulic lift cleaning goes a long way in the optimal performance of your boat. Sealift USA have the expertise required for keeping a hydraulic lift in tip-top shape.

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