Reasons to Love Your Swim Platform

The swim platform of a boat is for more than swimming, and there are many reasons to have one. However, lifts are not created equal, and a Sealift swim platform will give you reasons to love your swim platform with features not offered by other manufacturers.

Built-In Pop-up Chocks

Exclusive to the Sealift line of swim platforms, built-in pop-up chocks and tie down points give you the ability to stow your dinghy or personal watercraft, with ease. No longer will you need to lower your dinghy to the water with davits. Sealift swim platforms are built with either one or two hydraulic rams, as opposed to the competitions four-cylinder set-ups. Fewer cylinders mean less weight and lower maintenance costs with the ability to carry as large a load.

Ease of Access

Getting aboard your boat, from dockside or the water can be difficult in some situations. A swim platform offers a solid surface at water level from which to enter or exit your boat. If you have a stern door, access is even more accessible and makes the stern or your yacht more usable.  

Use Your Swim Platform as a Dive Platform

Scuba diving is a sport enjoyed by many boaters, and a swim platform makes entering and exiting the water easier when geared up for your adventures.

Enhances the Appearance of your Yacht

Offered as an option on Grand Banks, GB Eastbay Series, Hinckley, Sea Ray, MJM and Lazzara yachts, Sealift hydraulic swim platforms provide much more than a place to bask in the sun. They enhance the appearance of your yacht while adding extra space. From their pop-up chocks to their built-in tie-down points, Sealift hydraulic watercraft lifts are better by design, giving you many reasons to love your swim platform.  

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