Platform Lifts

SeaLift has a patented design on our lift mechanism. Other hydraulic lifts on the market use four cylinders in their designs. SeaLift uses only one cylinder and two hoses outboard of the transom. This reduces the routine maintenance required as there are no unnecessary parts exposed to the water due to SeaLift’s compact but powerful design. Although SeaLift’s design uses fewer cylinders, it still has plenty of power and, depending on your boat’s capabilities, can lift up to 2500 pounds with the single cylinder model.

The SeaLift Platform Lift is individually engineered to fit to your boat’s make and model and even custom features, so there are no shims, adapter brackets or additional fiberglass modifications to add your boat’s hull. Installation is straight forward and many marinas and service yards have technicians with the type of experience needed to install a SeaLift Platform Lift in 1-2 working days without difficulty. Within the continental U.S., we can refer you to an independent installation company with extensive SeaLift installation experience.

Custom options are available for the swim platform. We can modify the shape and size of the swim platform to accommodate your needs. We also offer teak decking as an attractive option.  With SeaLift’s exclusive Pop-Up Chocks, you can have the convenience of chocks that conform to the bottom of your tender for stability. When the tender isn’t stowed on the swim platform, the Pop-Up Chocks retract into the swim platform, creating a smooth surface so you and your family can enjoy the swim platform without stubbing any toes or the risk of tripping over an awkward, protruding chock.

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SeaLift Platform Lifts are available as a factory option from these fine boat manufacturers


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