Your Boat’s Hurricane Checklist

Every boating experience is a sheer delight for every boat enthusiasts. A sturdy boat cruising over endless blue waters is undeniably a worthwhile adventure. However, despite the cruising thrill, hurricanes could render your boat unusable. As such, it is vital to be adequately prepared in case of one.

Here is a boat hurricane checklist;

Preparing for a hurricane could be a little daunting, and a checklist will considerably help.

  1. Check your boat insurance coverage

Ensure your marine insurance policy covers any hurricane damage to the boat. Check if there is any action required to validate a claim.

  1. Check the marina guidelines

Read through and understand your marina contract. Most marinas require boat owners to haul their boats before a storm to protect the marina and the boats. In other areas, they require the boats to leave. If you are going to move your boat, then plan early for a new location.

  1. Plan for and arrange your essentials

Lay out the things you will need and put them in an easily accessible place. These include life jackets, food, harnesses, ditch bags, snorkeling masks, chafe gear, foul weather gear, extra lines, warm clothing and first aid supplies. Keep handy waterproof flashlights close by.

  1. Proper anchoring

If you intend not to remove the boat from the water, pick a good location to keep it docked or moored. Double all lines and ensure they are in good condition. Considering many boat owners may do the same, add additional anchors to support the boat and to keep it from ramming into adjacent boats.

  1. Take down your sails.

It is a basic safety condition during hurricanes to take down the sails to minimize damage. Also, insurance doesn’t pay off boat owners who leave their sails on.

  1. Keep everything below deck

Reducing windage will greatly minimize the strain on your ground tackle. Keeping everything below deck ensure will minimal loss of items and the risk of damaging someone else’s boat. Anything left on deck should be securely tied down.

  1. Secure your dinghies

Secure your dinghy below with the motor stowed or on a secure building close to the shore. In case it is inflatable, deflate it and tie it down securely.

Create a properly written checklist that you can easily follow during a hurricane. Test the checklist and practice implementing the procedures you have created.

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