The Value of a Swim Platform

A swim platform on any boat serves as a convenient overhang that extends out to the water at the back. Think of it as the tailgate on a pickup truck or those big off-road vehicles. Its name suggests it’s a diving pad; yes, it can be used for that purpose, but it also brings so much more to the boating experience. If you haven’t fitted a swim platform onto your boat yet, SeaLift provides custom designs for any size and shape of the boat, mounted on Pop-Up Chocks for easy lowering and lifting. Here are some of the features you will enjoy with a swim platform.

Use convenience

The swim platform is a flat extension of the boat and an invaluable surface for some exiting boating activities. Swimming, diving, and fishing are arguably some of the more popular uses of a swim platform. But, even if you don’t fancy those, the swim platform is a great place to fire up a grill and sip on a drink or two from a cooler. It’s also the only platform on which you can sit and dangle your feet in the water on most boats.

In addition to practical use, the swim platform can hold a few items for added storage. Some are large enough to carry kayaks and jet skis. Space on a boat can be limited. It doesn’t hurt to use that small bit sticking out of the back to bring a few extra things on a boat trip.


The swim platform takes over watersports lovers. And for a good reason; the platform comes in handy for staging fun watersports and games like skiing, wakeboarding, and Skurfing. Once you’ve had your fun in the water, you can effortlessly use the platform to get back on the boat.

Adds to the aesthetic appeal

If fitted in a way that perfectly blends with the boat’s design, color, and build material, a swim platform can remarkably improve on the boat’s appearance. Instead of a stern that seems truncated, the swim platform appears to merge with the water surface, completing the boats looks with its natural surroundings.


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