Added Safety of SeaLift Hydraulic Lifts

Making sure your SeaLift hydraulic lift is safe is an important part of your daily routine. You don’t want to have to worry about accidents when using the lift.

With the patented design of the SeaLift platform, the platform remains level while raising and lowering the lift. Due to a patented lockout, the platform won’t fall if there is hydraulic power loss, due to a special pin joint located between the lower and upper link passes.

When you purchase the hydraulic lift, it also comes with four stainless steel tie down straps that allow you to secure a personal watercraft or dinghy to the platform. When you make sure that the tender is properly stowed away and prevent it from falling off, then you help eliminate the possibility of causing damage to the SeaLift. This allows you to rest assured that your boat and your lift is safe and secure.

SeaLift hydraulic lifts are also equipped with emergency handles so that you can do a manual operation, inline electrical breaker units, and a hardwired remote control in the event that the key fob remote is not accessible, or if you need to replace the batteries. These safety features will allow you to instantly stop and control a movement of the lift if there are any problems that occur for whatever reason. These features are designed to keep you and your family safe so that you can enjoy your days on the water. Parts feature a one-year warranty, in order to ensure everything is in working order.

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