Best Swimming Beaches in Florida

When we think of Florida, we daydream of pictures of great coastlines, beaches, sun, boating, and of course, swimming. The only thing that can make a day at the beach or on the water in Florida better, is knowing where to find the best swimming beaches. Get your swimsuit, polish the boat, grab your sunscreen, and get ready to find your favorite beach this year!

Caladesi Island State Park

With unaltered coastlines hide, majestic waters, and pristine sands reside, Caladesi Island is a State Park you can’t afford to miss. Tucked away in the Gulf of Mexico and north of Clearwater beach, you’ll find the treasures of Caladesi Island. In case you were curious, this island beach is only accessible by boat, which is likely responsible for its untampered and underrated beauty.

Clearwater Beach

As serene and calm as Caladesi Island is, Clearwater is known for a great blend between relaxing, fun, and action-packed. Somewhere in between those two extremes, however, families, couples, and just about everyone else can find something to do either on the beach or in the city just a few miles away. 

Daytona Beach

On the other side of the state basking in the crisp clean waters of the Atlantic is Daytona, best known for two things – racing and beaches. Daytona has much of the beauty and splendor you will find on those Florida postcards from friends and family on vacation, and plenty of action and fun in the sun. From the shops to the water activities and boating, Daytona is undoubtedly one of Florida’s hotspots.

Jupiter Beach

Located in Jupiter, well-known for being pet-friendly but often overshadowed by the more ballyhooed beaches of Florida. This charming beach town has a pioneer-era panoramic backdrop and pristine beaches year round. The color of the water makes swimming an enjoyable and picture-book experience with family or friends. Jupiter beach is one more must-see stop when seeking the best beaches in Florida this year.

Enhancing your Florida Beach Swimming Experience

Regardless of which beach you decide to enjoy, being prepared for your beach day is essential in Florida. Aside from the essentials like sunscreen and snacks, you should make sure your boat is ready year round for you and your riders. If you consider sprucing up your boat, contact us today to see how we can customize your boat to include hydraulic lifts, pop-ups, or swim platforms.


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