Spring Cleaning for Your Yacht

Whether you keep your yacht dockside or store it during the winter months spring-cleaning your yacht will make it shine and get it ready for warmer days. Some cleaning projects require little more than soap and water. To make your yacht shine and to be sure that it is operating at its most efficient follow below and adhere to your manufacturer’s guidelines to maintain your yacht at its highest level.

General Cleaning

From the topsides down your yacht should be cleaned with mild detergent. Make sure that scuppers and drains are free of debris so that water flows from your decks and cockpits.  After washing, apply a good coat of wax to protect your yachts finish from the sun and salt. Brightwork should be polished, and teak should be cleaned, allowed to dry and then oiled. Clean and polish windows and hatches after the topsides have been cleaned.

Clean Upholstery and Canvas

Most boat upholstery is made to hold up to the rigors of life a sea but it too needs to be cleaned in the spring with mild soapy water, or a cleaner recommended by your Grand Banks, Sea Ray, or Hinckley Yacht dealer.

Clean Below Decks

The galley and heads should be shined and polished. Use this opportunity to check equipment below deck to make sure it clean and working correctly.

Equipment Check

Before venturing out on the water, check all of your electronics to be sure that they are working correctly. Engines, bilge pumps, gen sets, water makers, and other yacht systems should be serviced during this time. The hydraulic system of your Sealift cradle lift should be checked to make sure everything is in good repair. Check safety equipment before every trip out and use the spring-cleaning time as an opportunity to test everything on board.

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