Tips for a Successful Yacht Trip

A successful yacht trip requires more than climbing aboard and taking off. You need a plan, a well-maintained yacht, and preparations before leaving the dock. Before spending a day on the water or making a trip to a far-off destination, consider the following tips for a successful yacht trip.

  • Boat Maintenance – Before you leave on your yacht trip, make sure that your boat is in proper working order, the tanks are full, and everything is in tiptop order.
  • Float Plan – Someone needs to know when you are leaving, where you are going, an expected time of return, or time that you expect to reach your destination.
  • Plan Fuel Stops – Plan your fuel stops for a successful yacht trip.
  • Waterproof Important Documents – Paperwork for your yacht needs to be kept in a waterproof bag and be easy to retrieve if any authorities wish to see it. This is especially so if you plan a yacht trip into foreign waters.
  • Food & Drink – Whether you are taking a day trip, or planning a trip to the Bahamas, you need enough food and water on board for you and your guests.
  • Sunscreen & Sunglasses – Do not forget the sunscreen and your sunglasses because the sun can be brutal when out on the water.
  • Take your Dinghy – Many larger yachts have drafts that keep them from approaching the beach. Sealift hydraulic boatlifts have built-in pop-up chocks that allow you to bring your dinghy or Jet Ski along with you on your yacht trip.

Be Flexible with your Plans

The pleasure of a yacht trip is not the destination, but the trip to your destination. Planning your trip ahead will prepare you for any eventuality and will help guarantee a successful yacht trip for you and your guests.

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