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SeaLift’s Exclusive Pop-Up Chocks are installed on all of our platforms so you can hold your Tender or Personal Water Craft (PWC’s). These Pop-Up Chocks allow you to have a Swim Platform as well as a lift for your tender!

SeaLift Pop-Up Chocks are manufactured so that they not only retract flush into the fiberglass pocket when not in use, but they are also self-adjusting to fit the bottom of your tender.
When in the retracted position, the chocks leave the swim platform smooth and easy to enjoy without the worry of tripping or bumping into the chock assembly.

This feature allows you and your family to maximize your enjoyment of the swim platform. Additionally, the chock automatically adjust to the dead rise of your tender.



Did you know chocks can be purchased separately?
If you already have a swim platform on your boat, you can purchase our Pop-Up chocks separately and install them on your existing Sealift Swim Platform!


Cut out size of pop-up chocks is 31″ long by 4.5″ wide.


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