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Not only is the SeaLift powerful, useful, and well built; it is also extremely safe so you don’t have to worry about accidents occurring when using the Platform Lift.  A pantograph movement is created with the lift arms and control rods and equal spacing of the hinge points allows the platform to remain level while raising and lowering.
SeaLift has also designed a Patented lockout. This engages when the pin joint between the lower and upper link passes beyond the plane connecting the hinge points.  While in this position, downward force from the weight of the platform and tender causes a reaction force in the lockout direction. This prevents the platform from falling in the event of a hydraulic power loss.

Our Platform Lift also includes four stainless steel tie-down straps and four folding pad eyes to secure a dinghy or PWC to the custom Swim Platform. Properly securing the tender while stowed will prevent the tender from falling off the swim platform and possibly causing damage to the SeaLift, tender or transom of the boat.

The SeaLift also includes an inline electrical circuit breaker, emergency handle for the manual operation of the SeaLift, and a corded controller if the key fob remote controls are inaccessible or if the batteries need to be replaced.
These safety features provide assurance that your Platform Lift is safe and secure.


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