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  • How does the SeaLift Hydraulic System work?
    The SeaLift system uses a Single Point of Power utilizing either 1 or 2 hydraulic cylinders to raise and lower the tender / PWC in and out of the water. As the unit is lowered, the tender / PWC is resting in the chocks and stays level as it enters the water. As the system continues to lower, the tender / PWC floats free, allowing access to the swim platform for your enjoyment. When the SeaLift is raised, the self-adjusting chocks center the tender or PWC. Also, as the unit is raised, the tender / PWC stays level where it mechanically locks securely in place. Four stainless steel ratchet straps secure the tender or PWC using four tie down points incorporated in the Platform. This entire process of launching or retrieving your tender / PWC is conveniently done in less than 20 seconds with the wireless remote control or back up corded controller.

  • What materials are used to build the SeaLift Hydraulic System?
    The SeaLift is manufactured to the highest standards and is custom designed by our engineering department using 3D CAD. The system is built with stainless steel and 954 Navel Bronze bushings for long life in harsh saltwater environments. Anti-fouling paint is used on the transom mounted assembly to deter barnacle and algae growth. Many other lifts do not use anti-fouling paint and/or are made of powder coated aluminum which will deteriorate much faster in salt or fresh water. Each SeaLift is tested and rated for the lifting capabilities suited for your application.

  • What is the lifting capacity of a SeaLift Hydraulic Transom Lift?
    The SeaLift System has a maximum lifting capacity rated up to 2,500 lbs. Boat size and individual application will determine which rated lifting capabilities you choose. SeaLift will not increase capacity greater than allowed by the manufacturer. No transom modifications are required for installation.
  • How do I choose the approximate size tender/pwc for my boat?
    Always keep the length of your tender / PWC at least 2 feet shorter than the width of your transom. For example, a new 40′ Sea Ray Sundancer has a beam that is 13′ 2″ at the widest point, however, at the stern, the swim platform is only 12′ 2″. The ideal size tender for this boat is 10′. Weight can also be an issue. The amount of weight at the stern can affect the time it takes for your boat to plane. It is also important to consider the additional weight of the engine, battery, lift jackets and fuel when calculating total weight.

  • Will the additional weight on the stern reduce my boats’ performance?
    Any time you add weight to the transom of a boat you may affect performance. The goal is to minimize the lift weight and to keep the center of gravity forward over the swim platform. The SeaLift system will keep your tender / PWC clear of your boats acceleration or deceleration wake and is less likely to be affected by following seas. SeaLift keeps your dinghy or PWC high and dry. 

  • What if I need more reach to accomodate my large swim platform?
    Every SeaLift has a custom made incorporating an integrated Four-Bar Linkage System that is custom engineered to fit your boat’s unique configuration. Our engineering team will custom design the SeaLift to your application and can make adjustments in the linkage of up to 50″ from the transom of the boat.

  • Will the SeaLift block the use of my platform?
    No. About 1/3 of the tender / PWC beam is over the swim platform which allows access to your platform while minimizing the effect of lift performance. With the SeaLift System, your swim platform remains uncluttered. Unlike tip-up lifts, a sizeable foot path is available to easily secure dock lines, allow access to transom lockers, to run power cords, or access needed supplies.

  • Who completes the installation of the SeaLift Hydraulic System?
    While SeaLift does not perform installations, we will be pleased to assist you in making these arrangements. We work closely with installation partners who we have trained to perform SeaLift installations. Additionally, you may choose your own marina or service professional. Many marinas and service yards have successfully installed our SeaLift products over the years. Since the SeaLift Platform Lift is custom built for your boat, installation is straight forward allowing marine technicians at marina service facilities to install the SeaLift in a couple of days. We also provide an Installation Guide and telephone support for the life of every SeaLift.
  • Where can SeaLift be shipped?
    We can ship SeaLift almost anywhere in the world and work with both domestic and international freight companies to find the best mode of transit to deliver your SeaLift.
  • How do I order the SeaLift Hydraulic System?
    Click here Contact Us Or call us at 321-638-0301 We look forward to the opportunity of working with you!
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